Saturday, 11 February 2012

Smashed IPad and spiders in the paper.

I am sitting here posting on a smashed and bent IPad, my god they are tough.

Hubby ran over it, well actually my whole handbag as we were leaving for a whipcracking trip away yesterday.
I asked him to put it inthe car while I put one of my little dogs in to her dog yard.

He forgot, mind on other horrendous things and stepped over it then backed the Landcruiser over the top of it.
I sat in stunned silence for the first 10 mins of our trip with the kids rubbing my arm.

I snapped out of it and realized that everything was replaceable in the bag and we had just had our 13 year old Labrador put to sleep and everyone was feeling like crap.

She is not replaceable.

Today I'm off to buy a new one and when I get home tomorrow I'll just sync it straight away. Apple make it so easy.

Insurance will cover the cost of the damaged stuff in the bag. I was surprised the iPhone was Ok. It is in an ivyskin wrangler case and only had the protective glass smashed on the front. I can highly recommend that one.

So I now need to replace Ipad, Roberto cavalli sunnies, Prada progressive lens prescription glasses, a camera, a spencer and Rutherford handbag, an ivyskin glass screen a few hair Clips, luckily the Chanel perfume is ok and funny other things survived the wheel trying to get over it and pushing it along the driveway.

Don't feel sorry for me. I have the benefit of being good at power shopping, and my god it could have been irreplaceable stuff like the kid's whips or god forbid one of my pets.
The children were always safe, one was with me and one was in the car. Plus they are big and loud enough to be seen and heard!

In other exciting news my spiders photos have made it into The Land a national newspaper, on page 4 too! They will also appear with a story in a regional paper.
Have a read (I've fixed the link now!)


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  1. Apple gear is amazingly tough. My phone is a survivor (have probably jinxed myself now and I will break it...)

    Your spider photos were brilliant. Glad others are getting to see them.

    1. I hope you haven't jinxed yourself! The case on the phone did an amazing job protecting it!
      Now that I am at home on the computer, I've fixed the link to The Land article if you couldn't get it to work.

  2. I think you should also do a memorial blog about Sally. Her antics when she was younger - like eating thru the wiring to my hot water system three times when mum was having her Chemo first time round,and me not being able to tell the electrician why I still had her there to do it again. After the second time, I was too embarrassed to face him and my darling neighbour offered to play dumb and pretend that she had been left looking after her and had Forgotten how edible the conduit was. The poor man charged less and less with each repair - I think he felt pity for me as a loser who could not control her dog.

    And then the Grande Dame she became with maturity - controlling all the other dogs no matter where they came from or how big they were. Her calm Alpha presence was a thing of beauty to behold.

    I hope you have another handbag with you and are not reduced to carrying the unscathed contents in a shopping bag - that would be a little embarrassing! Which S&R bag was it?

    Finally, how fortunate you are married to a contrite man who is not a miser, and that you are in a shopping centre where you should be able to replace almost all the damaged possessions almost immediately.....However this is not a good end to your birthday week, or maybe the retail therapy involved with replacing the damaged/destroyed bag and contents is just what is needed. Love you baby sis xxxx

    P.S. Good luck to the kids with their whip cracking - when are they competing? say hi to the Wicks from me too please - jr

    1. Thanks sis you've done it for me. And of course it would be the fave pony bag, but it seems unscathed! Home now, Syncing Ipad as I type! Yes I am fortunate to be able to walk in and hand over a list and have them whiz around and get everything I want, all the Whipcrackers thought the handbag killing episode was hilarious too! Many, many jibes and jokes all weekend!

  3. So sorry for your rough weekend Jodie.
    I've no doubt your husband felt terrible about it all too. As you say, they're only things ... all can be replaced. Take comfort knowing that you gave your old dog the best life she could have ever hoped for.

  4. That is so sad about Sally. We have a black lab - they are such good dogs (family members).

    I cannot believe your husband ran over your purse and you were calm about it! I guess with your beloved pet passing, it all seemed rather trivial.

    That is great about the spider webs landing in the paper. I never thought I would be excited about spiders!
    Big hugs to you..A

    1. Our lab was such a star dog! Perfect in every sense- after she was 2 years old! Before that she was a chewer! She was 13 years and 5 days old! Pretty good for a lab I think. She wagged her tail all the way to the very end. As you know, I have a few other dogs to ease the transition of her being gone. I just loved the Labrador, but we have found our German Shepherds are really just as clever and sweet natured with us. It has so much to do with the right breeding and how you raise them, don't you think?

      Everything broken in the handbag- easily and quickly replaced! I have plenty of other sunnies, the lenses are fine in the prescription glasses, just bent frames, hubby has bent them back into place and I'm probably the only one who would notice. I rarely use that tiny camera. And I had a new Ipad the very next morning. Then the next day hubby said they announced the Ipad 3, ah well I am not going to go without during the meantime.

      Hubby is a prankster and can take a joke really well and we are all laughing about it and ribbing him. He just can't believe how much value is tied up in a woman's handbag. He doesn't think the Insurance company will believe it- and he has an insurance agency! He has admitted he was thinking about something else too. These things happen and he was very sorry about it but I'm not concerned any more. It was just a minor inconvenience!

      The spider photos have gone a bit Viral. Funnily I received an email today with the link to the article in it which had been sent around the traps. Very funny to read who had sent it at the start and then who had passed it on, finally to come to me! It is a very special feeling!

      Thanks for the hugs!

  5. I am crying looking at that crushed screen.

    1. Oh no Nikki, don't cry, I had a new one within 12 hours, not synced, but in hand. We have a good contingency plan so that if money can fix a problem then this sort of thing is not a problem! Plus there are a couple of others in the family that I could use. It's a bit sad but there's bigger worries out there. I have to say though that I am having a bit of trouble getting some of my apps and in app purchases onto the new one!


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