Thursday, 2 February 2012

Water, water everywhere. Floods again

We had our road closed again yesterday morning.
It has been raining pretty heavily. Again.
We had flooding in this area last late November.
It has rained regularly since. Many falls of more than an inch.
We haven't really had a real dry out.

The last few days have had about 4-5 inches on top of saturated soil.
We went for a bit of a look around and to check on the flow.
The water will flow right through our country.
A few creeks have burst to the south.
They are now flowing back into our country.
We have plenty of high ground for the stock, so we don't tend to worry about them.
when we drove down the road we noticed on the neighbours, this lone beast standing on a little mound with the water running all around him.

It can be a bit daunting when you see this width of water to cross in front of you.
It was only 40cm deep though and not too fast flowing!

Further down we started to see the bank of water which had already passed through our place.

The Roos were absolutely sodden.

The water was running across the road from some high plains.

On the way back we could see the water entering our place.
That is the brand new fence.
Redone in just the last few weeks.

It's been done a little bit differently with 2 strainer posts either side of the bad bit.
It won't pull the whole fence down, just the bit between the strainers, they have droppers not posts driven in.
Well that's how it has been explained to me.
I just suggested that it be built so that it could break at the stress point and not pull the whole lot away.

On the way back home the water had risen 10 cm in 10 mins. Fast.

We like to open the doors to see how close it is to coming in.
It was pretty high.
It's a really dirty workhorse this Landcruiser! Does anyone else use those fabric softener sachets to act as an air freshener in their car.
You should!
We put more in today!
Cuddly 'fresh linen' is my favourite.
They last forever. I steered hubby away from the lavender ones, they're not a good idea -to relax you while driving!
Yes I think that looks like a dog biscuit!
You may often hear an agent's car called a mobile dog kennel!

The neighbours boys were high and dry.

And their mates had a deep plod to get to them.

My back lawn is pretty wet!
The house is up another metre from the lawn, and this is not floodwater, just rain on the lawn.

And there is a kid running and singing in the rain. and jumping on a slippery wet trampoline.
He's having a great old time!

I hope when it gets into town it doesn't do too much damage.
There are some very nervous people in there.
It just will not stop raining!
It'll all be good here as long as the power stays OK.


  1. Oh my! That is a lot of water...I hope it stops raining for a good while so things can dry out. Tell Mother Nature to send some rain our way - we have been mostly rainless all season.

    How bizarre for my American eyes to see a wild kangaroo hopping round your property...that is so cool!

    1. Yes it is an ocean of water! We received evacuation orders on the phones, but really it is far too dangerous to leave home to attempt to get into an evacuation centre and we are high and dry. I'm more than happy to stay put. They pay quite well if we register at the evac centre, $1000 per adult and $500 per child! We've had choppers flying overhead non stop, they are ferrying stranded people into the main township. It's 7.30pm at the moment and last light, they are doing a last fly around to see what's going on. It will have to rise another 9 foot to be a worry for us. We have had so much rain since it flooded in November it is a major problem now. They are saying the level will be another 2 to 3 foot on top of the nov floods. Just hoping that people will stay safe and not take risks, especially with their children. We love the rain but this is a bit too much. It's a natural disaster.
      Hubby says we may have to eat those kangaroos! I don't think so, I stocked up yesterday and have 2 freezers full of meat!

  2. Oh no. Horrible. We have had some severe storms around here. Issues more with roofs being blown off etc. We were pretty OK but there are tress and fences down everywhere.

    I hope it stops raining soon and your town is OK.


    1. They've issued evacuation orders for everyone north of the river, many thousand people! We got one too but we are high and dry, plus we would have to go through bad water to get to the evac centre. It will be as high as 1955! Watch the news, it may be on over there. I don't think we are the only ones though, plenty of people being flooded.

  3. That's a lot of water, have to admit I've seen worse though (I do work in flooding afterall) Hope all the important things manage to stay dry and you don't lose any stock or too many fences. Would comment that at least it's good for the land, but it doesn't matter where you are in Australia, you probably got enough of that last year!

    1. Oh yes , we agree fantastic for we cattle people, more rain, more grass, more fat cattle, more money!

  4. Hi Jodie - thought of you while watching the news tonight - take care, keep dry, no doubt the kids are loving it, no school! Hope livestock and equipment are spared - thinking of you - SP

  5. All is well here. I'm happy as long as we have power. I like being isolated! Actually cleaned out so much today. Hubby is going stir crazy though. Kids don't go back to school til monday, but I was meant to start tomorrow. Yay an extra day's holiday!

  6. Best wishes to you and all over your way, cant believe how much rain has gone around us here in Gundy, definitely wet enough here though so Im not complaining!! Sadly, friends that were to stay with us on their way to Dubbo will have to go another way so no late night sitting up talking and giggling over wine, thems the breaks though! So hope Robin's Nest for Children remains dry! Stay dry yourselves x


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