Tuesday, 7 August 2012

3 Annies Camera Bag

Last Friday my 3 Annies Camera bag arrived.
I ordered it after reading about the bags on Fat Mum Slim's blog, she was running (and still is) a giveaway of these bags. I could not wait to 'maybe 'win one and pondered it for a couple of days, then ordered a black one. There are Pink and Aqua available too.
I took my lunch break to collect the mail from the Post Office and go to the kid's Mini Olympics. I had thought it was an all day event so when I found out that it started at 1.00pm, I had a bit of time up my sleeve.
So I opened my mail and had a go at getting my camera and extra gear into the bag. EASY!
 I ran around tonight as the sun was setting getting some photos of it!

It is the most wonderful camera bag I have found.
Beautiful soft pebble(I think that is what it is called) leather which suits me perfectly.
Instead of looking like the Paparazzi (when I have all the gear in the Lowepro bags) walking into the kid's school, it looks just like a normal handbag hanging off me. Large, but then so are all my other handbags!

The bag comes with its own calico cover.
I doubt this bag will ever see the inside of its protective storage pouch!

The inside of the bag has a lovely cotton striped padded insert. 
This can be removed if you wanted to use it as a normal bag.

There are a couple of outside pockets at the ends.
They were probably a bit too narrow and deep for my phone, but they would be perfect for lens pens or normal pens, they are deep pockets!

There is an outside pocket that more than comfortably fits my Ipad 2, which is a bit thicker than most with its front and back covers attached.
It would also fit some paperwork -airline tickets ;) in addition to the Ipad.

There is a great big long, removable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap.
Perfect for not having it on the shoulder but across the body with the main part pushed around the back or worn like a messenger bag.

Those attached straps are very generous, able to fit over my big guns even with a jumper and padded winter coat on!


There are quite a few pockets on the inside.
One side has 2 small open pockets (where I had my spare batteries, spare memory cards and lens covers) and the other side has a large zippered pocket, more secure- I will place my used memory cards in there so they won't be confused with the new ones.

There are 2 zippered pockets on the outside.
I like them zippered so that things can't fall out.
I put my small wallet in one and my phone in the other.
I would probably put the battery in one if I had a pocket on me for my phone.

I had my big Canon 70-300mm grey L series lens packed in it, plus my Sigma 50 mm, this tucks nicely under the right side of the camera, also the big Canon 600Ex flash unit, then I put the Canon 5D mk lll in it with the 24-105mm lens attached.
But it will also fit then zip up with the 70-300mm lens attached. Oh yeah!

It is a bit of a tight squeeze, put certainly not tight enough to place any pressure whatsoever on the closure zip.

All in!

I am absolutely thrilled to bits!

You can find them for sale at the 3 Annies Facebook page here and the store is up in the top right corner.

At the moment Fat mum slim is running a giveaway of this very bag!
Visit her blog here to get the entry details.
Plus there is also a discount available for her readers at 3 Annies for the Pink one that she gave away last time.
Good luck if you enter, and if you don't win, consider buying one, they are really, really nice!
Happy shooting
xx j


  1. Cute bag! Looks very handy, too. I would love to have something like it but we have already investing in two Lowe Pro backpacks. My husband carries them when we travel.

    I am seriously considering upgrading my camera before the end of this year to one like yours or a 7D. I have a 4 year old Canon Rebel xsi that is fine, but I think I am ready for something better. Are you loving your 5D?

    1. Oh yes Adrienne, I am loving it! THe 7D is a fantastic camera too! I always have a big heavy bag so it is nothing strange to carry it around. In this bag I can cart it everywhere, and with the eyefi card the photos can go straight to my phone or Ipad and then via google plus straight to the upload photo files for the blog- in picassa web albums. Do you use that method of loading up photos? I think I might write a post on this tomorrow.

  2. hi Jodie - just found your blog via 3annies facebook page as looking at buying one of their bags. (can't quite believe you bought the black rather than aqua !!) no seriously they look amazing. thanks for the great review. it's definitely on my list...
    were you saying above that it fits two cameras plus all that other stuff?
    cheers Fiona

    1. Hi Fiona, thanks for dropping by. No I don't think it would fit the 2 cameras plus spare lenses, it might fit 2 cameras with fairly big sized lenses attached though. I meant that it zips up with either of my 2 large lenses attached.
      Don't tempt me, I so badly want to go back and buy the Aqua bag as well!! (I am hoping I will win it in Fatmumslim's giveaway). But as my daughter said- you always wear black, so go with the black, it will go with everything! Wise words from a 12 year old!!


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