Monday, 6 August 2012

Good Morning

This was the view right out my window about 20 minutes ago.
The sun is moving further south, annoying me by shining in my eyes as I sit on the lounge reading emails and blogs.
Summer is coming.

The furniture painting went well yesterday.
I finished the test top coats on the stools.
But not before returning to my paint specialist at the Hardware store.
I was thinking I needed an oil base enamel for the table and chairs.
She told me the water base was just as good and to be patient waiting for it to cure.
Saved me a motza!
I put the second coat on the stools, and yes I am happy, so did the first coat on the table base.
It is good. I am happy.

Hhhmn I think that verandah may need a paint next!
Here it is again.

Have a great week!
xx. j


  1. Such a difference! Must find some of these to paint myself to put at my new kitchen servery-thingy!

    1. Oh yes you must, they are very handy! These 4 have been gathered over the years from markets and 2nd hand stores. They are incredibly handy, even as temporary coffee tables next to the lounge, or for the kids to climb up into cupboards ;)


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