Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mini Olympics, Making baking easy and Painting!

My Kiddo's school had a Mini Olympics
I ducked across town in my lunch break and was able to watch their opening ceremony.
The kids had been planning costumes for a week or so.

The Tshirt had the sleeves cut off,
then he spray painted it with the coloured hairspray I had to buy from woolies- twice.

He sprayed everyone in his country with those cans!

I think he is very IRISH.
He won a silver medal, YAY
For sharing and hairspraying!


In other news I have recognised that these kids are right into cooking at the moment,
especially good old damper.
To make things easier for them I have bought these big jars to sit out on the benches.
I have big spring loaded preserving jars in the cupboards, but they find them a bit hard to get out.

I bought the one in the middle last year and it doesn't quite match the new 2 so have ordered another one from the current batch that the shop (Alfresco Emporium) has in.
I'm feeling very Marthaish- she has these bell jars all over her TV set.

Things are looking a bit cluttered over there.
All those other canisters have various coffees, teas and hot chocolates!


The painting of the chairs and table base is happening at last!


I have just discovered new photo related apps, am suffering a massive headache from all the bits I have learned this morning.

Stay headache free!
xx, j

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