Sunday, 12 August 2012

The end of the week.

At the end of this past week, I unpacked these little lovelies.
I have a bit of a thing for cowhide.
Well not really.
We just like it- being cattle farmers and all.
I decided that I wanted lighter coloured ones in the family room.
I am going to lighten everything up in here.
And the youngest is very excited to be allowed to have the dark cushions in his bedroom.
I had to fight him for them earlier in the year.

He is still coveting them.

When he gets on the lounge he cuddles them.
And I caught him with the new light ones all lined up around him on a chair.
He was picking his favourite.


It has been incredibly windy here in the last few days.
I am thinking of entering a photographic competition, and the first part of the brief is capturing 'wind'.
If I ask the males in the house I would get a completely different idea on the subject I am sure.
I do not want to capture THAT wind.

So I am trying to figure out how to get the money shot.
Trees and leaves,
rubbish blowing.....

Tonight I was having a play at sunset time.
This is what I was served up.


I played with the settings, trying to bottle that wind again!!


The painting Olympics is nearing its closing ceremony!
I made some shelves to sit on top of my washer dryers as I am a bit concerned about the heat that builds up when they are in the dry cycle.
Of course I am so slack and have stuff all over the tops of them!!
I bet once I have them in place I will keep the tops clear!
They have had several coats, I use the last bits of paint in my pots to give them and the stools their coats.
I have put three coats of topcoat on the table bottom.
3 coats on the stools and one topcoat on the chairs.
What is the go for the chairs, would 2 do the job or do you think I need 3?


My wee cackling friend came back to visit me outside my window at work on Friday.

And I am extremely pleased to announce that while I have been out on that verandah painting, I have heard heaps of kookaburras laughing out in the nearby paddock.....
Laughing at me and my painting.
Yeah, yeah it's a great joke.
Me, laying on my belly, in my old floral pyjama pants and a scrappy tee shirt, contorting into all sorts of positions ensuring every square inch is painted.

Just keep doing your snake removal job!
Clever Birds!

Have a great week.
xx, j


  1. Wind would be hard to capture when you try I bet.
    You must be getting sick of painting. The chairs look great though.

    1. Oh No Zara! I am really enjoying the painting it is enormously relaxing!

  2. Love the cushions, coveting them myself!! Can't wait to see the finished table setting, looking good so far. Love your photos as always. To capture the movement maybe need to go closer to the trees or maybe the grass being blown sideways? Keep us posted on your photo progress! L xx

    1. Grass sounds good, am even thinking the windmill, tanks and trough. The tithe table is so close to being finished, 2 more coats on the chairs and then I will Stanton the tabletop, I is all stripped, just needs to be sanded and stained and oiled, yay!

    2. Silly IPad, START on the tabletop, and I am not stripped, IT is!

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  5. Hi Jodie, just 'found' your blog after you commented @ abeachcottage! Am very excited:-) Just my kind of blog. I'll be back to visit... And I LOVE those cushions; please reveal your source! R, Emma.

    1. Hi Emma, thanks for dropping by, I am glad you like my blog. I bought the cushions from the blue Mountains ugg boot company, they were pretty inexpensive compared to others I have seen. Good luck getting some I think they sell out fairly quickly.


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