Monday, 27 August 2012

I flushed my Iphone. NO BULL!

On Saturday night after a hard day moving furniture for my MIL into the nursing home, then photographing our 2 new Bulls,
with a chaser of.......
I came running inside busting to use the toot.
I always leave it waaaay too long.
I had my phone in my jean's back pocket.
I hate putting my phone there as I think I am going to break it if I sit down.
I am quite a weight and those jeans are pretty tight!
So up into my en suite I rushed, did my thing and then had a shower.
Then I came out to the kitchen,
which was in an abominable state- as is always the deal when I am otherwise occupied.
I looked for my phone.
Not there.
I rang it using the house phone.
No ringing.
Straight to message bank.
Weird, it had more than half battery left.
I had been loading up photos so maybe it had worn down.
Again I rang it.
Again message bank. 
So I went up to my bathroom to see if I had left it on the bench near the toot.
Then I saw the red case grinning at me, wedged in the bottom of the toilet.
It must have fallen out of the pocket either on the way down or up- more likely on the way down judging from its position in the bowl!
Then I may have pee-ed on it,
then I may have flushed it.
Ah HA!

Words cannot explain my disbelief at my own stupidity!

So I set about trying to do something about it.
Firstly I took the case off it.
Fantastic, protective, Ivyskin case that it is.
All about preventing scratches and broken screens.

Then I went about shaking it violently to get the water out.
And yes heaps of water did come out.
I don't even want to think about the pee in it!

Then I had absolutely no idea what to do next.
My daughter said to put it in a bowl of rice.
I did.

As all good researchers do.......
I went to GOOGLE.
Yes I did.
I typed in the whole sentence.
"What do I do if my Iphone falls in the toilet?"
As per usual Google did not disappoint and within a nanosecond I had fifty thousand complete instructions on what to do with the drowned electronic device.
They all pretty much said these 4 main things.

1. Turn it off. I didn't have to worry about that bit. It was dead in the water. Apparently some have the torch come on and stay on. Some flash different coloured screens. Mine didn't, it was black and dead, we could even see the water in the camera.

2. Remove the SIM card. Yep more water came out with that move too.

3. Vacuum out the water. Um no!!! I am not going to stuff the Dyson as well. I figured that my violent shaking had done the same deal.

4. Now here is the kicker. PUT IT IN A BAG OF RICE. WHAT????? This is what my 12 year old had just told me. So that's what I did. When I took it out of the bowl I discovered that I now had rice stuck in the earphone jack and the charging port. So I removed them and then wrapped it in toilet paper. We have no tissues here at the moment as the snot monster moved in early last week. Fitting actually, using the toilet paper. Then into a seal able bag with the rice.

Then my husband and son came home and laughed themselves silly, but not before daughter screamed laughing telling them! I was the only person shitty about it. All my new photos had loaded onto that phone and I couldn't Instagram them!

I kept reading about it.
It is incredibly common.
Lots of them go in the Loo, but lots of people forget that they have their phones in their pockets when they jump into pools. Some just slip into the bath or wash up water or glasses and cups of liquids.

Another, better solution is to put the wet phone in a sandwich bag with Silica, like the little sachets that come in vitamins or new bags and shoes.
I always save these.
I put them in with the silver and also in the crystal cupboard.
So I gathered all of them up and put them into a bag with the phone and sat it on my computer, which always runs really hot. I left it there overnight.
Sunday morning there was a heap of condensation in the bag, the silica must have reached saturation point. So back to the rice. But not before I heated the bowl of rice in the microwave to get more moisture out of the grains.
I had it so hot that when I transferred from the bowl it melted through the bag and spilt all over the floor. Nice.
So back in the bag of rice for the day on Sunday and on the hot computer.

On Sunday night, after another big day in the garden, I noticed that there was absolutely no condensation in the baggie. So I put it on the charger. It showed the red charging screen. Then it turned on with the apple sign on the screen. Next it made its start up noise and my home screen appeared!
I haven't even had to restore it. But I am going to back it up ASAP.
It is almost perfect, the only thing being wrong is some shiny dots on the screen, they look like stars deep in the screen.

I am figuring that the electronics are going to corrode shortly, but I am just hoping that it will last until the new Iphone 5 is released, supposedly next month!

Here are our new bully boys.
This red fella is a Charolais, Shorthorn cross.

The creamy one is a Charolais Angus cross.
With their new Earrings!

My daughter and I like the red boy the best. He has a gentler face on him.
Not quite so mean looking! 

They will produce lots of cute little babies like these!

Have a great week and keep your phones out of the toilets!!
xx, j


  1. I have a fear of dropping my iPhone and shattering it to smithereens because I use it take all my photos's so convenient. My daughter dropped her phone in a creek several years ago (not an iPhone) and the rice trick didn't work unfortunately.

  2. Oh Annie, I think I am exceedingly lucky, so far! I keep waiting for it to spark and die!

  3. Thanks for sharing this intriguing and extremely handy tip. I'll keep it up my sleeve in the event that one of my Princesses drops my phone in the loo.
    Those are some great looking cows.

    1. Thanks for coming by Mumabulous. OOOh Ihope your little ladies don't do that to you! WE Looove our cows! We make sure they are happy and the babies are just divine!

  4. great photos, what an learning adventure you have had, we rely on these phones for so much

    1. Oh Pearl, we do rely on them so much as an extension of our brains don't we? I am a bit lucky as when we upgraded the phones the kids got our old ones, so with a new bigger Sim card burned with my number, I could seconder mine back until a new one came for me, but so far it is going OK! BUt I am just waiting for it to blow up!!!! And it would probably be at a really important time!

  5. I snorted out loud at this (so very elegant and lady like I am!) good one Jodie :) best you shout yourself one of those you beaut water proof cases for the next time you accidentally pee on your phone!!

    (still smiling)

    1. Hahahaha, Thanks Sharon. I've got some friends at work who screamed laughing when I told them too. THey were still laughing hours later! I will be getting a waterproof case next time! I think there is a brand called lifeproof- they look good!


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