Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Why are the native animals revealing themselves to me?

 What is it with all of the native animals revealing themselves to me lately??
Yesterday I was walking around in the paddock looking for a lost electronic dog collar.
It is only 2 weeks old and cost a small fortune.
I swear that particular dog has lost 4 collars this year!
I was stunned when I spotted this guy.

He burred up and started to flare up his puffy thing around his head.
I think he is some sort of dragon. Not a real frill neck.
The true name will come to me later.
He started to step towards me as I stepped towards him. 

I just wanted a better photo.

Then the kids arrived home from school and I called them over to have a look.

WE started to worry us that he was going to run up me like a tree!
When I first spotted him, I thought he was dead.
My little fella had mowed all the paddock on the weekend and he looked like he had squashed him by accident.

So as you do I threw a stick near to him.
With that he responded!

He does look dead though.
Lucky I didn't try to pick him up!
Dead snakes and lizards really, really, really stink!
He was quite well camouflaged, wasn't he?

This is a common view right out my window at work.
This one often comes and sits right outside my office window.
The kids were trying to feed him something.
I told them that was not really his diet.

Later on after Homework club had finished and I was waiting for a student to be collected, we saw him or a relative with a sandwich quarter in his mouth.
 So much for a natural diet!

This is him trying to catch the biscuits.

I've said before how much I adore them and I'll say it again.
Beautiful creatures they are.
Keeping all the snakes out of the playground!
;) j


  1. What a cute little bird. So cheery!

    That looks like the Bearded Dragon that my stepson used to have as a boy - that he thankfully kept at his mother's house. But your guy looks a lot bigger than his.

  2. Those electric collars can certainly increase the value of your dog (when kept on).
    I think your reptile friend might be a Bearded Dragon.

  3. Yes That's it a bearded dragon. Scared me half to death. The girls at work say there are heaps of snakes about at the moment too!

  4. Oh I love Kookaburras too. We used to have 4 that would sit around our pool, occasionally dive bomb the water only to find they could hardly make it out due to the weight in their feathers. Loved watching them so much! Emma


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