Friday, 17 August 2012

Playing with the new toy!

I was toying with the camera yesterday morning,
 there was a sliver of light streaming through the curtains,
this caught on the steam from my coffee.
So snap away I did.

I thought it was pretty cool.

In other news I completed one of my painting jobs.
These shelves for on the top of my washer dryers:

I am a shocker for letting clean folded clothes pile up on top of the machines.
The shelves give a bit of clearance for airflow on them.

I screwed wooden door knobs into them and then rubber protecters between them and the machines.
It should help them to not overheat- which they have never done in their 4 years, but I live in fear of this happening. If they died I would run out and buy exactly the same machine.
After I had looked into their 10 year warranty and the extended insurance I bought.
I love them, they have sorted out all the laundry stress around here.
I think I may have mentioned before that I live with the dirtiest men on the face of the planet.
They just love to roll and cover themselves in mud and other gross things.

Have I also said that I have a lock on my towel cupboard.
They also seem to like getting out a fresh towel every time they bathe!
I am trying to teach them about conserving resources.
The next move is to reposition the towel cupboard to further away from the bathroom so they can't just reach out and grab one. They would have to streak through the house to it.


My cat has taken to being responsible for the bathing of the family.
Here the little guy was having a nap on the lounge and puss decided he was a bit dirty.

Check out the plaited arm bands!
This kid loves to plait.

I was again playing with the settings on the camera,
when a little guy decided to photo bomb it.
It looks like he is kissing my feet!
Ha, not likely!

Especially when they need a jolly good bit of maintenace.
They have been jammed in boots for over 3 months now,
only seeing the light of day at home.
'Foot paring' I think we call it on sheep and farm animals!!!!

Have a great weekend!
xx, j


  1. Those coffee mug photos are so awesome, as we say here in California. I really, really want that camera you have. Maybe Santa Claus and the birthday fairy will get together and buy one for me!

    Your kitty is busy! Seems she/he is always cleaning some body.

    Great idea with the shelves on your machines and I think it's so funny that you lock up the towels. When the kids were little, I bought baby diaper safety pins in different colors and fastened one to each kids' towel on one of the corners. They were asked to only use the one that had the color pin assigned to them. It worked well! No more guessing which towel was theirs.

  2. Oh Adrienne, ALL my fairies had to get together for this one! I set aside money for about 12 months, and put it off once, back at easter time, as I didn't have enough saved. I think you would be able to source it and lenses a lot more reasonably priced in the States. But it has been worth the wait. I also used it at work yesterday and took some fab photos of some boys selected for state football teams.

    These guys don't care if they share towels- but they never touch mine as I go berserk!


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