Thursday, 30 August 2012

Calves, calves, calves!!!

I love this time of year.
All the calves are being born.
We have all sorts of pretty ones.
Commercial cattle can be any shade! 

These girl swere walking up to the dam on sunset.

There seems to be a whole heap of twin mumma cows!
You will often find a whole heap of little calves plonked under a tree with one cow looking after them all, almost like a nanny.
All around will be the cows grazing away happily.

It is hard to know who is the mumma.
And the cows check them ever so carefully to make sure they don't share milk with anyone but their baby.

As we drove past the dam there were a couple of calves on the bank that just stood and stared at we aliens.

These little guys had absolutely no idea that they had to get off the road so that we could get past.

Then the lighter one just stood there and bellowed at me!

Cheeky thing!


  1. Just gorgeous Jodie.
    Cattle look well.

    1. Thanks Fiona, the ones oats are really good too, but i love the babies the most. As we all do probably.

  2. so entertaining, I sprung some scampering up the road yesterday and had to beep my horn at them, tails in the air and off they raced...

    1. Ah Sharon, they didn't know to get away from the car! Then had the hide to stand and yell at me. They were so cute!

  3. Cute little moo-moos. That last one is so funny yelling at you like that!


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