Wednesday, 3 August 2011


This is what we had for dinner last night.
this lovely Steggles marinated chicken with lots of lemon, garlic and butter.
I actually cooked 2 ( as usual) so  that we'd have leftovers for sandwiches and munching on.

Then I cooked this lovely looking peach cobbler.  
See that clean oven, this dish spat sticky dots everywhere. I loooove these ovens,
It's paralytic.
 Well kind of,
fantastic, turn the dial and it burns away ALL the crud.

 It looked and smelled fantastic

But tasted like sweet GLUE!!!!
note to self ~DO NOT ever cook again!!!
dispose of this recipe and look for a clafoutis recipe.

I scored some of these for $1.69 the other day and thought I'd give one a try.

 I've doubled the rice and water, so it's not too hot for the kids. It smells fantastic, even Miss MDK just came inside and says it smells great. Lets hope its better than dessert last night.
AAAAND I'll try a different dessert tonight!!
Perhaps the packet of wagon wheels on top of the fridge.
Anyone noticed how small those wagon wheels are?
 I doubt they would have got those old wagons through the mud.
I wore new shoes today and did not even stop to think about blisters, after having these toots in socks and boots for months they did not cope well with new shoes. I had blisters by the time I got to work!! Lucky I've got a great first aid kit and there was a good stash of bandaids there or I'd be in real danger of not being able to move tonight.

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