Saturday, 20 August 2011

Has Spring Sprung??

Things are coming alive here lately, a few days of rain, sprinklers and warm weather have it all going on.
It’s not spectacular, but it is welcome.
 Miss MDK took these photos in the rain the other day.
She wanted to get the raindrops dripping off the tree but got soaked herself.
And today I shot them looking like this.
The flowering plum really is a one hit wonder, blink and its all over!
These guys have flowered all through winter.
 I should strike a billion cuttings and then plant them all around.
The Aloe vera is about to flower.
This is a lovely ground cover that I have put in a hanging basket, It's called Aptenia. I have a few more in punnets that should have been planted last spring, they have survived on an old BBQ on the veranda, still in their punnets so they must be really tough!!
They'll probably die as soon as I finally plant them!!
I'm loooving all the new growth and flowers coming through on the Geraniums too.
Only a couple of snowdrops that have loyally flowered for 15 years.
My new silverbeet has taken OFF.
The roses are leafing up too.
The Celtis Sinensis is in flower.
Mulberry tree is leafing up AND........
Yum!! Fruiting up too.
New growth on my Eureka lemon trees which have kind of struggled.
So is this a sign they are going OK? I hope so as I love lemons.
My girls are happy and in super laying mode. EXCEPT..... 
Someone laid one on the floor. Either all the boxes were occupied,
 or she got lazy! And then tried to cover up the mistake!
On another note, these niceties arrived this week from absolutelybeautifulthings, check out the beautiful wrapping!
And Inside......

Some more lovely boxes to hold .....

these nice necklaces from redphoenixemporium 

Do you think I might be excited about spring??
I'm off to make a cherry yoghurt cake, and maybe plant some seeds and seedlings.


  1. Certainly looks like Spring's on the way. These kids are excitedly checking the mulberry tree daily, although they're no further advanced than yours yet. Geraniums are very popular here, one of the toughest yet loveliest plants. We're very dry and I haven't been sprinkling, so my lawn's a mess. Hoping for early Spring storms.
    Must talk to you at some stage about your childrens' whip-cracking-prowess. I have some very keen whip-crackers here, Sarah's been googling tricks in the past couple of days and we were delighted to watch the video of your girl with her amazing talent.
    Pleased to have found your blog. Will stay in touch.

  2. Everything in your neck of the woods is looking very Spring like.....I mean you've got green grass and trees beginning to fruit! Oh, on the green front, I fancied some of those boxes from Anna, lucky girl! Cheers SP

  3. HI Fiona, welcome, my hubby flooded everything here last week when it was so warm so we had a bit of a head start when the rain came in. More would be welcome. I looove the kids cracking it is so good for their brain development as it switches on different parts of it. Just today I tried to do different cracks in each hand and only succeeded in giving myself a good flogging. I don't know how they do it. Our kids started learning by watching the Wicks' DVD. I think they might have some of the bits on youtube.

    Sarah, your gardens down that way are just beautiful, evidenced with your neighbours gift to you. my garden seems to die then need to be resurrected, then the weeds overtake, no continuity except hard slog, and a perpetual huge need for mulch. I haven't done anything new in so loong so we went to the nursery today and bought some snow pears for an avenue up the driveway, added to my rose purchases online last night, I am making up for lost time! My anna boxes are very nice, I have put the rectangle one into use already, not sure what to do with the round one yet!

  4. I have it, I am going to use the round one for my hair barrettes. ah ha light bulb!

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  6. Thanks for your suggestion anonymous, but I rarely use my facebook, and have the privacy settings very high there due to my employer requirements, so I don't see much point in any linkup. Mostly I have just been using it to announce these postings.
    I looked at your link and I was expecting another kind of blog but was surprised to find a french credit link.

  7. So jealous of your mulberry tree - they are going to be delicious. I used to have a massive one and loved making mulberry muffins and crumble!

    Your necklaces all look so pretty together :) I like to use boxes like Anna's for my jewellery.


  8. Hi l, I have made mulberry and apple jam but usually we just stand under the tree and eat them. I like the idea of a crumble and muffins. This year I can see 2 inch long ones in the making so I'm going to be adventurous with cooking with them.


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