Thursday, 11 August 2011

Little things

I said I'd make these again and put a choc melt on top.
Well I did, the white choc melts got a little golden.
That was good cause it was kinda caramelised, yum.
Some other bloggers are taking photos from their kitchen sink. Mine all looks terrible at the moment, to the left of the palm trees is the poolhouse. The grass looks dead!! Only clover is living. I was tempted to clean the windows. Itty Bitty MDK had been squirting the calf's milk through the big teat all over the place, so if  you notice some white grotty sprays that's what it is.
 and this shows the view of the sink.
 I've only just put some herbs on the window sill. In the middle is some sort of bamboo the kids gave me and up the other end is a mother in law's tongue terrrarium/jar thingamy that my eldest son gave me from the school mother's day stall 8 years ago.
These are not lasting well. I made 2 dozen only last night.
On another note I made mousakka last night too in the other oven and the dish was too full, overflowed and burned crud all over the oven floor~ so I cleaned the oven.
I turned the knob. Such hard work.
This is the result of the pyro clean. 
Ash that can be wiped away. All that ash was once grease and cheese.
But it's a little bit dissapointing that there are some really burnt on bits close to the door, though these take just a little rub with the ash on a damp cloth to get off.
The door tends to get a brown haze on it too. I clean this with cerapol, the stuff you do ceramic cooktops with.
Its a very quick oven clean as all the really hard work is done.
Thank you SMEG.
 I cleaned off the top of the fridge and freezer, It had become the catch all. I couldn't stand all the kid's school snacks up there. So I got all my cake plates out and some platters and covers and put them up there.
I like it.
 I got some big apocethary/apothecary! jars here ( I really like this company, they have great products, have reasonable postage costs and are FAST) for all my shells in the bathroom. I didn't like all the dust gathering on them. So I washed them and arranged them in the jars.
I have more for the rocks that are all around, they're next on the hit list.
I have some soaps for this one, I like its shape.

mmmn supper!!!


  1. Greetings from British Columbia!

    I have linked your kitchen sink here at The Humble Bungalow blog and thank you for sharing your Views From The Kitchen Sink!

  2. I love the apothecary jars. I am now off to check out that site!

    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog.


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