Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Saturday and Sunday Pony Lovin'

This last weekend was full of horsey goings on.
On Saturday, we travelled to another Pony club event.
This one did not involve fancy dress up, just normal jeans and shirts.
 A chilly morning start. 

Tight turns in the keyhole.

 LITTLE  jumps.

 A bit of ducking and weaving 

 And some yahooing

 And plenty of ribbons. There were 10 activities and he got 3 nice blue ones.
Then on Sunday we rolled up again at our showground for another go at it!!!

Danny's got some nice black eyeliner and painted hooves! Itty Bitty's mate who owns Danny is on the big black horse, he's called Spongebob- the horse, not the kid!!

Off to the toot the two little mates went, this was the only time during the day that they dismounted. Funny, there's been no complaints of a sore bum like I would have had sitting in a saddle all day!!

Ready, set, go.

 Lots of round and round the poles.

A bit of speed or direction needed here.

he actually baulked at this one and had to go around again.

He's pretty happy when his butt is planted in a saddle!!
A Big ThankYou to K for lending Itty Bitty MDK the pony and for all the tuition and organisation.
and I made more of these for the canteen.
I think we're addicted!!

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  1. How fabulous! Fun & Ribbons to boot!
    Izzy has her first Just4Fun gymkhana on Sunday the 11th and I don't know who's more excited her or me! There's going to be hacking classes, sporting and jumping events, don't know if she'll be lucky enough to win any ribbons but it'll be a great day - Cheers Sarah


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