Thursday, 25 August 2011

Up early

I was awake so early today, 3am. I went back to sleep but then woke up again at 6am .

I started thinking about those cockies again. I decided I would release the Cairn terrorists terriers ASAP.

This old girl, Sally(12.5yrs old), didn't even hear me coming out the door.
She won't be chasing any cockies in a hurry.
She noticed me eventually after I let the little ones out of their crates and had gone out to scare away the white screeching lunatics, otherwise known as cockatoos.

The sun was just starting to poke through into the garden.

I planted heaps more silverbeet( I like to treat the hens with it too) and some chillies yesterday. I noticed tonight that silverbeet is $3.98 a small bunch at Woolworths.
Itty Bitty's eyes lit up and shone dollar signs. I could literally hear the cash register going cha ching in his mind.
We are not starting a market garden or silverbeet farm!
When we got home he ran over and started watering them.

one hit wonder

This flowering plum is magnificent, but it is usually all over in one week. A big gust of wind on the weekend will probably finish it off.


  1. How annoying are cockies???

    Your flowering plum is beautiful.

  2. We keep on debating whether to chop it down or not, it is a bit annoying where it is to mow around and hasn't really grown very much in 15 years!

  3. I just read your "Who Am I" and I'm so pleased that I'm not the only one who runs late, hates having their photo taken, over commits themselves, etc, but its the blue tongue lizard in our garden that frightens the hell out of me!

    Hope the rain is good for the farming community this Spring - looks good from your images.

    Are they doing any of that coal seam mining up your way? I'm feeling like a total 'greenie' about it! - SP

  4. Oh Blue tongues are fabulous, they will keep the snakes away! they eat babies and eggs and will fight off big ones. I have had people bring me ones that they find and I put them in my poolhouse, we have plenty of snakes around here, so I am willing to try anything.
    Rain is money in the bank, I say more rain, more grass, more fat cattle, more money!
    Yes they are trying to get the coal seam here, apparently some dumb bum allowed it at the Pilliga. The Government is now stepping up to the plate I hope.


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