Friday, 28 October 2011

Baby update

What a cute little baby,
the new big XXL crate has arrived!
 The little one did NOT work for her!
I can fit a friend in the big one with her. It is huge!
Howling may be heard all night tonight!
But not by me, my TV will be turned right on up!!
Though maybe she'll like being close to the others!
My bedroom might remain intact tonight!

That is if I don't give in to the sweet baby howls!

Ummmmm, it lasted all of about 40 mins then my heart could not stand it anymore.
Back into the bedroom she came.
She is pretty at good sleeping on a rug and in the ensuite. But we hear every movement and search she has in the room for whatever, and she is, after all, a pup and makes some puppy mess!
She's just had breakfast in there, whinged a lot and finally settled for a bit of a rest then I've let her out. She's now screaming at the door to be in with me, just a bit of insecurity has arisen.
I'm going out in the garden in a minute, then she'll be right.
-Til the next lock up session!
big boy doesn't mind it at all, especially when there's little morsels of puppy food to eat!

Lots of little times will get her used to it.

After all she goes into a bigger dog yard every day while I am at work!

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  1. She's so darling! I'd have a hard time being apart from her too.


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