Sunday, 9 October 2011

Whipcracking titles

We've been tripping around with the kids competing in NSW, VIC and TAS state titles.
They've done really well. We've gathered a few trophies.

Deniliquin ute muster, NSW state Whipcracking titles.

He was pretty happy with his effort

 Smashing the accuracy cup!

Swinging the Bullock whip
Got the Pee Wee title and trophy.

 Got the Juvenile title and trophy and the perpetual trophy, probably meaning we have to go back again next year!! I hope it's better conditions then!

 Even dad had a go.


Melbourne, Victorian state whipcracking titles.

I just loved how all the kids and adults got into a big circle and cracked mary had a little lamb and cutler's march and whatever they could it, was great!! Fabulous teamwork and good fun.


 LauncestonTasmania, State titles

Itty Bitty got this one!

 This was a miss even though the cup came off it was only due to the whip's fall wrapping around the stand and knocking it off, there were no dents or marks on the cup. It was so close!

They're pretty happy. 
Even though Itty Bitty ran second place, he and the others had lots of fun, played lots of new whipcracking games and made new friends.

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