Sunday, 23 October 2011

One hit wonders

We've got a few one hit wonders around here.
I like things to be recurrent generally.

The Wisteria is over and done with for the year.
Of course mine doesn't rate in comparison to the oldest one in the park at Launceston! 

The White Banksia rose hedge out the front, it's still hanging in there!

The Rosa Sinica Alba
( I think that's it's name I put it in quite a few year ago now)
It is really thorny and has lots of baby ones coming up underneath!

Once can be enough in lots of ways!

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  1. Garden looking gorgeous and they might only be once a year but it's well worth it! Do you have any Iceberg Roses, they are greedy and need water and feeding but they'll flower about 4 times during the season here in Bowral. SP


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