Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tasmania, Parks and Gardens

I adored the parks and gardens in Tasmania. 
I guess being Spring made them pretty good.
We spent a fair bit of time in parks as the kids were practising their cracking.
This is city park in Launceston.
 They had a very beautiful conservatory.

 filled with orchids.

 The fellow was in there tending to them.

 Catmint and poppies, i think!

 I didn't even realise on the first visit that behind here was a heap of monkeys.

 Mackaws from Japan.
 I couldn't work out wht these cages were for and then I got it- they let the fish hide from the ducks, who couldn't get to them in there!!
 A youngish Oak.

 I think these are rhododendrons.


 A little train that dragged the kids around in it.




 This bush had a fairly strong almost aniseed scent.

 Clivias just like at home

This was a huge sprawling tree and I couldn't find a name tag.

 the Oaks were beautiful.

 The Children's fountain.

We played some chess in the park, except when I went to the toot I came back and Itty Bitty had lost 3 key pieces to his brother!

 Eventually I won, even though I had to change the rules at the end to cease the stalemate.

Below was the front garden of the B& B we stayed at.

I told him I saw a moving shadow in my room the first night. 
He got a bit freaked!


  1. I love Tassie, wish I was there with you guys and I'd love the kids to teach me how to crack a whip, not that it'd be able ride a cattle muster anytime soon.....SP
    My mum gave me her dress ring for my 40th (great mum's think alike!) but both this ring & my engagement ring don't fit on my FAT fingers!

  2. Hahaha my fat fingers haven't let my engagement ring loose since before may youngest was born. About 10 years now. It's quite stuck there, probably a bit dangerous, it's a constant reminder to not eat too much.

  3. Beautiful scenery.
    Sorry to hear you haven't been well on your travels, but huge congratulations to the kids on their great successes. What a great hobby.


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