Tuesday, 25 October 2011

More pretties

My rose garden is driving me nuts!
It's not growing fast enough.

I've bought too many plants!
I keep wanting to plant them in here,
but I know I have to wait for these ones to grow and spread  and fill in the gaps.
The newbies will have to go around the corner, salvia and lavender and lambs ears and.....

I remember when it was looking like this, just pokey sticks!
Each day Ive been checking moisture levels, ie turning on the sprinklers and I've just fertilised the roses again, even the new ones- I thought you had to wait on them, I always have for their first year! but a friend said no as soon as they start getting growing give them a boost.

I dug up lots of Hippeastrums and relocated them into the "rose" garden. I'm not all that keen on this dark one.

But love the paler colour of this one.
This one is up the back and looks to have been chewed by some critter.

The roses I do have are pretty special.

Fisherman's friend.

I love the David Austins.

The root stock took off on this one, so I gave it the big chop and cut it all away after I took this photo, I probably should have put some steri prune on the cuts so it won't come back! 

I am seriously enjoying the Pierre de Ronsard climber on the back verandah.

It is very nice, but has lots of little black cotton pollinator beetles in it, like most of the other roses. They don't do any harm at all.
Unlike the big fat brown mozzies which just tried to carry me away and eat me alive.

Seriously pretty.


  1. Just gorgeous!
    I absolutely love roses.

  2. They are high maintenance but so worth it!


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