Saturday, 8 October 2011

Deni ute muster. The Ute paddock.

We ventured into the ute paddock before dark on the Friday night. It brought back memories of my younger days involving B&S s. mmmn I would rather not go there!

There were plenty of police around. On foot, dirt bikes and horses.

How low to the ground is this bull bar? It was about 1 inch and had crushed a bundy and cola can.

There were about 10 000 utes in this paddock.

This burning pile had some sort of cooking pot in the middle with a stew in it. I imagined that it would be pretty burned all around the edges. It hissed and spat at us as we went past.

There were huge woodpiles for a long long long weekend.

This wood pile signalled to me that this lot were here for a long long long time. Perhaps it would take them that to sober up enough to drive. The Police were at the ready to catch anyone even moving their utes an inch while under the influence.

This was a two story construction with proper swinging bar doors on the ground floor. One of them must have been an engineer or builder to build something so strong to withstand the jumping, dancing and stomping going on up there! It was wild! They probably burnt it all at the end!

Itty bitty posed next to this beaut ute. When all of a sudden the door opened and a beautiful young lady jumped out and offered to lift him up between her "lights"

Up he went, and he had a nice cuddle on the way!

I'm not sure she could lift him all the way.

The stereo on the back of this ute belonged in a nightclub!

Plenty of spotlights, flags and tarps flying.

A few odd lounges( apparently they just burn them at the end) and another construction.

Another building of sorts. It probably kept them quite warm.

Every now and then a string of fireworks would go off. All night long.

Old mate wanted to lay the kids on his bonnet and I said no way they'll scratch all the paint off. He said they can't hurt it any more than it is already, no way!

They were all happy just to lean on it, shame that kid of mine is so shy around strangers! They loved him! He had just finished giving Whipcracking lessons to another group of blokes. They were a bit embarrassed when he showed them up in front of the girlfriends! - he did a crack behind his back too. Some of them came and watched him compete the next day.

These bull bars had longhorns cut outs.

I thought this was really special.

Plenty of wild stickers to read and again plenty of firewood for a long stay.

Some pretty rough parking. All through the ute paddock were these contour banks, I think they were to stop any circle work.

We left when it started to get pretty dark.


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