Monday, 10 October 2011


We've been tripping around doing a bit of Whipcracking (NSW, VIC and TAS titles)
these were at Deniliquin, Melbourne and Tasmania.
I don't really have any photos of Melbourne other than whipcracking as it was a really quick visit and I was (and still am) very sick with a head cold.  I took this one from the plane window as I left for Launceston.

We really only competed at the titles and I did many loads of washing in the hotel from hell- with parking 4 blocks away and very poor housekeeping. 
But it had a pretty reasonable laundromat- 3 washers and dryers at the ready for our grotty, muddy clothes. 
All our gear will still need a good mummy wash when we get home!! 
Plus we got a parking fine, 
so Melbourne was not nice to us and we were happy to get out of there!
I figured this must be where  the rest of the family were coming into Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. I flew due to the motion sickness deal.

This was my piccie as we came in to land at Launceston.
I really liked the parks and gardens in Launceston. More about that later.
We didn't do a lot as I was so tired and ill.

But one thing we were sure to do was a ghost tour!

A slamming coffin in the old morgue

Grotesque tools in the corner, and there were chains on the walls.
 We were dragged to lots of old spooky places, an old morgue, several churches and dark back alleys, and told grotesque and scary stories.
In the dark alley, Itty bitty was standing next to me and then all of a sudden fell over when we were all looking at the ring around the moon. 
There were lots of ooohs and ahhhhs from the group that he'd been pushed over by a ghost. 
Hahahahaha he told me later that he had just probably lost his balance!

 We were told to look out for orbs (white or coloured circles) in our photos, there's one in this one- they are meant to signify some sort of spirit!
 Finally we were in an old stable, apparently where all the stables in Launceston had been.

 Ghost horses???

A broken barn door. Apparently the breakage had just mysteriously been done by a spirit.
My kids keep saying how funny it is that all those haunted places were in a 2 hour circular walk from the pub we started out from. 
I think they are fairly aware of keeping an open mind, and they can only form opinions on their own experiences, which have included their own spooky moments! 

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