Saturday, 22 October 2011

A new baby GSD

I've been pretty slack at the blogging gig for a week or so as I have been playing catch up at home after 2 weeks away and 50 loads of washing and being back at work!
We have a new baby.
Like I didn't have enough going on already!

I've been serious about another family protection dog for a while.
 Ever since I had a nasty fright one morning a few months ago it has been weighing more on my mind,
I've been waiting for the right one.
As if by magic my brother announced he was having a litter of German Shepherds.
Perfect, we fully know the background and stable nature of this baby's parents.
No dark secrets.
I need to know these things for the sake of my own babies.

This is how she travelled home a week ago.
8 hours of cuddles.
She doesn't look too scary at the moment.

The big boy on the other hand??
Does his scary guard dog job VERY well!

Except when he has us and a baby to smooch.
I can see he needs a big grooming session to get his winter coat away!

He has always loved and protected my Cairn puppies and he seems to equally adore this baby.
Dare I say perhaps more.
Do you think dogs recognise their own breed?
I know my cairns seem to 'know' their own family by bloodline in a big group of cairns.

He gets lots of attention from the wee one,

And slobbers all over his baby right back.

Baby is getting on nicely with ALL the family, learning we are her pack!
Even puss gives smooches.

On another note this was the freaky tri foam stage at the new car wash
( my daughter wanted this bit in here!)  

AND check out the size of this mulberry, and I have very large hands.
You can see I had already picked a few others.
They just keep coming and coming and the flavour is divine!

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