Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australia Day

Our daughter drew this last night after seeking out some lessons on youtube!

She immediately facebooked it and we found it this morning.
What a great way to start Australia Day.

I was going to photograph a couple of knitted jumpers that
I thought I had kept, with koalas and kangaroos on the front of them. My mother had knitted them for me when I was a kid, but I can't find them. I think in the last wardrobe cleanout of missy's she must have ditched them, I tried and tried to get her to wear them but to no avail. Tee Hee
I can understand cos they were a bit like those funny christmas jumpers!
And not that fashionable.

I have spent the day decluttering and organising stuff.
And reading blogs.
Now we are going out to an Indian restaurant!
hahahaha for Aussie day!!
Love it.
Love the diversity of people in this country!
How did you spend your day?

Happy Australia Day everyone!


  1. The drawing would look great framed. What a talented artist you have there.
    It's been a quiet day here today. Did a bit of unpacking and organising and that's about it. x

  2. You know how we spent our day - enjoying being Aussies!!! Would have loved to have seen those jumpers... and your daughter has a great eye. Tell her to keep it up!


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