Friday, 6 January 2012

Morrocan chicken

The second food post of the day!
Whilst trawling around on the net today (for almost all of the day, cos I can, I am holidays!), I got on a tangent, Low carb, as our diet is, and followed a link to a link to a link (or blog to blog to blog)  and wound up at this blog/website.
He works/lives/advocate Primal living. Ah ha, not that I have a clue what that is about, nor am I quite in the mood to learn, nor did I really have the time, cause I was a bit more interested in watching people on you tube cooking the recipes.
But the recipes are fab.
There is a whole recipes section, hidden right down in the right hand side! I will definately be returning to learn more and check out more recipes.
I made the Morrocan Chicken, which uses cauliflower as the rice and it was great.

I made it a little bit differently to the instructions, using chicken legs, green bell peppers rather than red, cos that's what I had, and left out the carrots, I think they might be a bit too carby at this stage of the food plan.
We all devoured it, even the 14 year old male!!
In other exciting news, whilst checking if some cattle were on the road this afternoon, we spotted a mother Emu and her 5 young ones.
I have never seen these birds on our place before!

Not a good photo, we should have had the Canon with the big lens.
Big boy wanted me to drive closer, but I am pretty sure that they would have RUN.

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