Thursday, 19 January 2012


I've been having so much fun checking out new Iphone photography apps.
But then last night I saw that another couple of people on Instagram had done collages.
So to the Itunes store I went.
I found a few different apps, but the ones I wanted need to have a frame around them.
so I picked out
34 frame combinations allowing 1-5 photos
you can mirror image and turn the photos all around in the app.
Here's my yesterday.
Cracking practise, visiting the podiatrist and getting strapped, and what I wore (for a beach cottage, I can see I need a new mirror as this one is crummy, taking weird shots, wide and all!)

Dyptic frames
27 frame combos allowing for 2-4 photos
allows for in app photos and some great adjustments

not so clear, but I may have saved it in low res!

and Nostalgio
20 frame combinations allowing for 2-4 photos
allows for in app photo taking

then I Instagrammed it

I think that the in app photo taking is a huge bonus, especially seeing how the nostalgio worked so quickly in this collage.

He's such a great little cat burning the candle at both ends in the companionship tasks.

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