Monday, 23 January 2012

Supre skirts.

These were recommended on the blog abeachcottage. I had a looksie online and took a punt, my daughter is usually the one who buys the supre. I just bought the L and XL and they are fab. Mine are black and grey and black and white. If you have a supre near, have check and see if they have any left, I can highly recommend them too!


  1. Very cute! I like them both. Think of all the color combos you can create. I am thinking Supre must be like our Forever 21. An inexpensive, trendy clothing chain geared toward the younger set. But we not-so-younger-set like to shop there, too.

  2. You got it Adrienne, they have really, really tiny sizing too . I think I was extra lucky to get some bigger ones. Daughter says they are some of the nicest things I have. That they are suiper trendy

  3. You look fantastic. I bet they are comfy too.

  4. wow looks so good!

    I have to say, I love the pics of your kids looking so smart with their whip cracking! adorable!


    1. Thanks Corrie, It's the one thing I can do for their whipcracking- get them well presented in the 'uniform' and the rest is up to them!

  5. It's an amazing skirt! Love how something so simple can look so stylish!


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