Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hide loving kid

On our way home from Sydney the other day we stopped at a hide shop. Much to my husband's disgust ( these being brindle and all) I bought two of the hide cushion covers. If they'd had more good thick ones like this I 'd have them all.

I knew this little fellow would appreciate them when he'd get home from his extended holiday with Aunty.
The eyes in his head almost popped right out when he got home a week later. Of course he wanted them in his bedroom and kept begging me for 24 hours straight.

I know one day when I'm not looking they are going to disappear.

I'll know where to find them!!


  1. Your boy sure looks like he loves that cushion.
    If you don't mind me asking, what price range do the cushions fall into, and what about a whole hide?
    Thanks. x

  2. Hi Zar, the cushion covers(no insert) were only 40 dollars each! I thought that was pretty reasonable and they had whole hides for around 400 dollars. I did notice that the hides were not from australia but 'Brasil'. Some of the cushions had a lining attached to them, my husband said that they had probably split the skins to make them more supple these 2 did not have that stick on lining but a natural suede finish. I love them and i thought they'd be prickly but they are not!
    You can find the hides at Blue mountains Ugg boots. I didn't see the cushion covers online though. I would have bought more if they had them online!

    1. Oh thank you very much. I love the look of these cushions, and I think a whole hide on the loungeroom floor would look great in our new place. Such a pity they are from Brasil, I'll have to see if I can source a local one.
      Thanks again lovely. x

  3. Totally love your hide cushions - can't believe so reasonably priced

    1. I know! They're fantastic!! I want more in different colours, I think they will wear exceptionally well in this rough family room. I think I am going to stalk them every time we come home that way!


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