Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy dog days

My dogs were all very happy this morning.  
We woke up to the sound of them all playing and running around chasing each other. 
I haven't seen the Young Cairn terriers play with the new German Shepherd Pup.  
I think they believe that she is annoying and will never leave them alone, but this morning it was a different story. 
Bella the snake catcher from the other day and the baby GSD were having such a nice time chasing each other and rumbling.
I tried to sneak out to take a photo but they heard me and came running to the back door.
Then the big guy jumped in on the fun and he can be a bit hard on the little ones, but all in fun, then it kind of slowed down. 

This little kid used to always be putting himself inside a dog crate, like it was his special quiet place, just like the dogs.
I found him in one the other day.
I'm not quite sure how he locked the door but he was pretty happy in there.
But posed a different face.
Amazing that he still fits!!!!


  1. Love me some doggy play time. Your son is hilarious getting in that thing. I would freak out if I did that.

    I found a sugar free pavlova recipe for you....if you have and can stand Splenda, that is.

    Here is the link:

    1. I know, I am claustrophobic too, but he thinks it's so funny to act like a sad puppy in it. I shall try the PAC recipe, yes we have Splenda, I'm not sure what it tastes like, isn't that funny having a dream with the pav?


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