Monday, 9 January 2012

Roses and cases

We are having our real summer weather here at the moment, yesterday it went up to 41 degrees Celsius (about 106 F)
Hot as. I cooled off by having a swim then hosing down the back verandah for a couple of hours.
(our 7 dogs can make quite a big mess, especially the puppy- she had torn a bag of potting mix up and scattered it everywhere)

These roses won't be lasting long in the heat.

We are loving these Ivyskin phone cases that I ordered from the USA. We have put them on all the phones and iPods in the house.
I had one on my last IPhone for almost 3 years, so I knew just how fantastic they are.
These wrangler ones have a glass screen which does really protect the phone.
We learnt our lesson about IPhones and cases 3 years ago when my sister dropped her 10 day old one on the first day on holidays in the USA and the whole screen smashed into a billion pieces. Useless, and a total write off.

I found these online and have been a devotee ever since.
I could bang on about them for a good while.
Hubby prefers his otter box which is waaaaaay too chunky for me.
Loving the red and it matches my favourite Opi colour,
An Affair in Red Square.
It has just the right amount of sparkle for me.


  1. dogs??? I have four and I pull my hair out on a daily basis.

    And 106 is hawt! How humid is it where you live?

    I have a Speck hardcase on my iPhone. A chunk broke off recently and I've been thinking about getting a new one...I'll have to check this brand out.

  2. Yes 7! 4 little Cairn terriers(terrorists) and 2 German shepherds, one is 4 years old and the other is 4 months old, plus we have one very old (13 on feb 5) beautiful Labrador. She is struggling a bit lately getting around, but is very happy.
    It's fairly humid as there can be a lot of irrigation of cotton around us. Our cooling system is evaporative air cooling and it's hopeless in the real heat and humidity, thank god for the pool! Next on the plan is refrigerated split systems!
    I can highly recommend the ivyskin cases, after I had written this post this morning I dropped it on the gravel at the airport, a few small nicks out, but otherwise it is fine, more importantly the phone is! I'd rather break a case than the phone, they are $1000 here


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