Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I made a big mess

This morning we had a rather terrifying incident. There was a snake on the back verandah trying to kill one of the little dogs. Or perhaps it was the other way round.
There was the most horrendous flapping sound as she was trying to shake it.
I won't let anyone in on how I got it, it took me an hour to find it after it was lost sight of behind the doggie blanket washing machine that sits here, I thought it had gone up inside the washing machine and had tipped it upside down.
 I fixed the problem and made a very big mess of the Verandah.
Can you believe that a whopping big black snake could fit in such a tiny space.
Little Bella had to be carefully watched all day long to make sure that she was okay and she is, she's perfectly fine.
But a bit wary of us due to all the screaming.
I made a fairly big mess, but that piece of wood was a bit rotten and needed replacing anyway. I guess its sooner rather than later.
After a calming down time, I decided to whipper snipper the edges and mow away all the long grass that has grown again.
8 hours later and I'm still not finished.


  1. Oh I hate snakes near the house. Good on you for getting it. x

  2. Pleased to hear it was a happy end result (for you and your dog at least). We've had more snakes this summer than I've seen in all the years added together that we've been here. Not good!

  3. Collateral damage is fine when dealing with venomous black snakes in the house. There is more than the odd homestead with shot holes in the floor boards....

  4. Yes Girls I am soooo pleased it did not get away or keep hiding, I couldn't believe it when I found it behind a little piece of masonite. We've been pretty lucky with very few this year. Ive never had my dogs with one this size before. A bit more anti snake 'education' is in order for this little one.

  5. I bet you'll be on your toes for the next few days! gxo

  6. Oh yes Georgie! Today everything that moved or the dogs looked at was scrutinised incredibly. We were whipcracking this afternoon and all the time I was looking to see just what they were looking at in the bushes.

  7. Kill them all, I hate snakes! Big copper heads out at horse riding, Izzy almost trod on it bare foot the other day after swimming the horses in the dam......I've told the girl a million times to wear her boots!


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