Monday, 2 January 2012

Krispy no kreme

Oh Krispy Kreme.
Why oh why did you change your product?
I fell in love with these on our first trip to the USA. In the last few years they have done away with my favourites and made them smaller with less filling. Silly, now no one wants to buy them. They are not worth the money!


  1. YES!! i used to love those Krispy Kremes they were soooooo good until they got rid of the lemon ones they were my favorite!! now there is like literally nothing in them :( p.s. the photo didn't work <3 lots of love Xx

  2. Lemon was my fav, and the apple and cinnamon. I've fixed the photo! I did it through a forwarded email from the phone and pressed send before the photo had loaded. AAAAH still learning!

  3. I was always an original glazed girl, Thursday mornings I'd pull out of the Walmart carpark and smell those babies cooking @ KK across the road - I'd do the drive through and grab coffee and a donut! And, I wonder why I'm so overweight..... The cost of KK donuts is crazy here, in the US you could cut a coupon pay $6.99 for the first dozen and 99c for the second - the neighbourhood kids would turn around and sell them for $1.00 each and make a handsome profit.....S

  4. Yes we first bought them in Las Vegas where they were making them in the bottom of our Casino/hotel, ever since I haven't passed by a shop without buying a dozen filled, but they don't have my faves anymore and there just isn't the same amount of filling. I passed on them this trip. The photo above looks like its abandoned, but it isn't, its just before they turned their lights on. I do wonder how long they can survive without the same quality.


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