Saturday, 14 January 2012

Stuff I found while looking through my Iphone photos.

Miss MDK flogs my phone quite regularly and wanders around taking photos.
She really likes the new Iphone 4S, and I have to agree it has a great camera.
Here's what I found.

She opened a bag of these and waited for the troops to behave.

And they did.

The new crackle nails.

The remote control helicopter.

Sneaking a bottle of bundaberg ginger beer.
The brother has now got the camera.

And running.

And then itty bitty in the back 

And now for the money shots.
I explained to them that these are called sunflares and are pretty good.

I think Itty Bitty might have the paparazzi skills!

and was trying to have it look like she was holding the tree up.

Yep he has the gift.

For sure!


  1. That last photo's an absolute winner for sure.

    1. I know! its so clever, He's always loved a camera! both behind and in front of it!

  2. My nephew sneaks pics onto my iPhone as well! Always fun to find them. Looks like you had a fun, relaxing break. L xx

    1. I think it's great that the kids these days are able to just instinctively use all this tech stuff. I looove the photos of them pulling faces!!


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