Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fun and Ebay

We have been implementing lots of children's craft around here.
 They started with boats for the pool.

Miss MDK rescued the Lipton Iced tea bottles from the recycling.

It was fairly unsinkable.

Itty Bitty used 'airbags' -some packaging that came with a parcel, and one of those floppy water bottles.

Big son made a full on water raft with 3 empty water bottles, a ton of duct tape, a pirate, a helicopter and toy soldiers.

And yes look closely- a frog!

He tried to hide under the helicopter.

I think we need to increase the salt level to deter the frogs from swimming here.
Along with a restocking of the duct tape.

Then they moved on to painting pet rocks.
Big rocks were sourced.

Then painted like a smurf.

and pig
Then photographed with the Iphone,
then Instagramed.
Yet another new tool!

In other exciting news,
I have been learning heaps of new things, Twitter (which I set up 2 yrs ago and haven't touched) twitpic, webstagram, Picasa photostreams,
Today, for most of the day!
Miss Mdk and I tried our hand at listing a couple of things on Ebay.
I've done a bit of buying but never any selling.
It took me hours and hours, and she was not happy about my attention being on learning that new skill and not on helping her to buy some supre gear.
I was able to set up a template and list a pair of shoes (that I had bought on a group selling website and were too big plus I left it too long to return them) and a handbag of Miss MDK's.
Which we are thrilled to see already has a bid within a few hours!!
They bidder hasn't taken the buy it now option, but it will be interesting to see where it ends up.
We thought hard about it and set a start price that we would be happy to accept.
I have told her to wrap it up and get it all ready to take to the Post Office.

She will get the proceeds of this sale.
When I explained this, she was so excited and has decided that she will go through her DVDs and pull out all the Barbie and princess ones.
I am not sure that I have the postage costs right but am going to the Post Office tomorrow to get the post packs and get it sorted in my head.
The Post office staff here are so lovely I'm sure they will help me out with anything I ask.
I have deliberately started with just a couple of things as I don't want to sell like my husband, who listed at 99 cents and then offered free postage, so in effect paid 12 dollars to be rid of the item.
I'm pretty pleased as I had these shoes in the bag to take to the charity bin.
We've scouted around and found quite a few things that we can sell.
Some new, some barely used.
I have plenty of rarely used things that I can live without.
A couple of grill pans are next.
I've used them once and couldn't stand all the smoke!
But I think I understand why I have just given things away before, Ebay listing is so time consuming!
But I loove learning new skills!

Husband thinks it's great seeing boxes leave and not arrive!
Yeah right, HA!


  1. Selling on ebay! You're a braver woman than I.

    1. I know! I feel like a real Techno warrior! I hope it won't take me as much time to set up more listings. The kids keep bringing me stuff to sell.

  2. which handbag?

  3. I am also pleased that Itty Bitty has found such a productive and enduring use for the extremely exey tongue depressors - well done!!!

  4. I am laughing at the husbands joy at seeing parcels go instead of arrive...its a bit the same around here, ebay is my go-to for any requirement! but I have also a pile of stuff that needs to go on ebay...waiting for a good rainy day!

    1. Ahh Sharon, it is so easy once you get the hang of it and if you have an Iphone it is so quick to load on. You take the photos right there and then in the app!


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